Digital Signage in Authorities is a perfect tool to inform and guide the visitors in public buildings and inform employees with internal announcements. Besides applications for interactive and non-interactive large screens in highly frequented locations in the buildings, additional usage for door signage for meeting rooms and integration of queuing systems are indispensable to manage the visitor flow in various environments.


Are you looking for a modern communication channel for your residents and visitors?


Digital communication on displays in public buildings is a key component for informing and guiding residents and visitors in a highly efficiency way. Therefore information displays could be placed at locations such as entrance hallways, near elevators, waiting rooms, and meeting rooms. STiNO software can manage all of your municipal communication in public buildings with interactive or non-interactive screens allowing various access permissions for different departments to display important information for:

• municipal announcements
• directions for individual sectors
• showing room occupancy
• queuing systems that creates an orderly service sequence
• informing employees with internal announcements
• training employees on new administrative tasks