Digital Signage improves significantly the digital experience in the car dealership and represents a key tool to differentiate the brand appearance to stay competitive. Various screen sizes in different zones allows to communicate the brand awareness, the customer information and the specific dealer offerings.Automotive1

Do you want to create the digital experience in each car dealership?

With digital elements and touch points you create the digital experience at the dealership in the different areas such as customer waiting zone, in the showroom, or at the service desk. STiNO iChannel solution allows to centrally manage all your different communication channels for all the dealers with interactive and non-interactive screens within the country or even on a world wide level. With special access permissions the dealer can add his individual offerings by keeping it CI – conform. The usage areas in the car dealership are manifold such as:

• Integration of the existing car configurator
• Welcome screen at the reception desk
• Digital price tags for new cars in the showroom
• Information displays at the service desk
• Information displays at the sales desk