Digital Signage applications are spreading throughout museums, entertainment businesses or movie theatres. It can engage visitors from the ticket window to the exhibition floor. Learn about new concepts for informing and engaging visitors through digital displays and interactive kiosk terminals:

• Inform about open times, admission tickets, and special venues
• Promote products in gift shops and create menue boards in restaurants
• Interactive kiosk system for further explaining exhibits
• Survey terminals to improve overall guest services


What are STiNO’s specific features?

Depending on your requirements and characteristics of your digital marketing strategy in the museum or event location, the system could consist of a number of different building blocks. Here is a list of various features that are useful for such applications:

• Support for multi-screen setup for builing video walls
• User profile and role management to allow dedicated access to modify only specific areas of the screen for announcements
• Showing emergency evacuation plans
• Interactive kiosk applications for touch terminals
• Survey terminals to improve visitor service