Financial institutions can increase the connection to clients at bank branches by using Digital Signage to differentiate from its competition. Inform your customers and invite them to enter your branch by providing a modern atmosphere. Use background music to increase privacy while other customers are waiting in line. There are many different ways how Digital Signage can be used in bank branches:

• Inform about latest product offerings
• Cross-selling products
• Showing exchange rates and stock tickers
• Educate your staff with training videos
• Survey terminals to improve overall guest services


What are STiNO’s specific features?

Depending on your requirements and characteristics of your digital marketing strategy in your bank branch, the system could consist of a number of different building blocks. Here is a list of various features that are useful for such applications:

• Support for multi-screen setup for building video walls
• Inform your customers with large format displays at the entrance area or behind the service desk
• Using interactive tablets a a sales tool with a secure launcher to protect the tablet to only allow your certified Apps tob e executed
• Interactive kiosk applications for touch terminals