Digital Signage applications for restaurants provides an easy update of menues during the day and change offerings based on the time of the day/week. It is a perfect signage solution in quick service restaurants, bars, coffees, and cantinas to:

• Maintain up-to-date pricing – even easily managed by your service staff
• Promote special Happy Hour offerings
• Enhance your customer experience while reducing perceived wait times
• Entertain with social network channels
• Eliminate recurring costs associated with printing and shipping of static signage


What are STiNO’s specific features?

Depending on the type of your restaurant, the system could consist of a number of different building blocks. Here is a list of various features that are useful for such environments:

• Support for multi-screen setup for building different type of menue boards
• Update menu boards instantly from your tablet or smart phone in your restaurant
• Showing menues on interactive screens
• Survey terminals to improve visitor service